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Ardito Felice is an italian Company with an estate of 30 hectares that extends from Andria countryside 50 miles from Bari

The estate is located in a beautiful location at the foot of Castel del Monte boasts the presence of nearly 10,000 plants of Coratina olive trees and is covered inside by 4 km of boulevards that allow the crossing by foot or by bicycle as a large park.

Ardito Felice has a great experience in the extra virgin olive oil production (at least by four generations). Ardito Felice makes great attention in all phases of growth of olives: from seedling to harvest.

It is this passion for nature and quality products that bring Ardito Felice to make an exceptional extra virgin olive oil. The Company Mission is just to let people try the same extra virgin olive oil that the family Ardito placed on his table.

From several studies it was found that the Coratina cultivars has extraordinary properties. Including the highest content of polyphenols (antioxidant and anti-tumor) and a high content of oleic acid, important in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

From this facts Ardito Felice makes an exceptional extra virgin olive oil: Org-olio

Ardito Felice is a mill which houses a variety of olives from producers, but only deliberately decided to bottle their own oil production to ensure a complete product traceability.

Ardito Felice has always been associated with a Coldiretti and adhered to 'initiative Campagna Amica supporting quality products with a short chain.

Premio Gold TERRAOLIVO 2012 - Israele
Premio Gold TERRAOLIVO 2011 - Israele
Andria Citt�  dell'Olio
Ente Certificatore Biologico
Fiera del Biologico
Campagna Amica Coldiretti
Prodotto Biologico
Guida 2015  Gambero Rosso

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